A racist insult isn't just a succession of words. It can mark you forever leaving a scar that many people never forget. We have decided to show these marks for the first time on April 24th 2017, the day after the first round of the presidential elections in France, at la Place de la République in Paris. A date chosen to awaken the collective conscience, and above all, to invite French people to choose fraternity above hate.


Racism touches everyone: celebrities, citizens, politicians etc. and the pain is always the same. Discover the testimonials of several victims including France’s most famous black journalists.

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Donating to CRAN means supporting the victims, reducing their suffering, and going some way to erasing racism.


CRAN is the Representative Consul of Black Associations
(Conseil Représentatif des Associations Noires).

Launched in November 2005, CRAN’s goal is to fight against the discrimination that affects the black population in France. A fight that is still important in 2017.

Thanks to the donations received, CRAN leads a number of initiatives in favour of the fight against racism. We work with the victims of discrimination through legal and psychological support.

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